What is SEO positioning: organic positioning of a website

What is SEO positioning: organic positioning of a website

At this point most of us are clear that the Internet is today the most important environment in which to search and find information of all kinds. The means used by users for this are search engines. That’s why, today we’re going to why organic positioning or SEO positioning is so important for a website.

Sources of traffic to a site or web page

Visits to web pages that come from a search engine, such as Google for example, usually represent a significant percentage of the total. This type of visits are called “organic” (although for a while Google calls them “sessions”).

Already in matter, I clarify that there are also other important sources of traffic to a website:

Direct visits: are those that are received when a user types the URL of the web in the browser bar or clicks on a link previously saved.

Social visits: those that come from different social networks (not necessarily ours, can come from a link shared by a user in their social networks).

Referred visits: refer to those that arrive from a link to our website that is on another web page different from ours.

Visits of advertising campaigns in search engines: these are paid links based on ads per click. We are facing the positioning SEM (Search Engine Marketing, Marketing in search engines).

Organic visits come from SEO positioning

The natural positioning, organic positioning or SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the traffic that a web page receives from the search engines.

As I mentioned earlier, it is an important source of traffic for any web page. Therefore it is essential to know what are the factors that influence the time to have an optimized website. It is that the search engines take it into account and show their pages in the search results of the users.

Therefore, the natural positioning of a website, especially if it is a page intended to serve and attract customers, must work on SEO from the beginning and take into account that it is a job that will give medium – long results. term.

Why is organic positioning or SEO positioning so important?

Although it is obvious, to better position in the search results, more likely that the user click on our link and visit our website.

Think for a moment as a user that performs a certain search. Do you go to the second page of the results to click on one? And the third?

Therefore, the goal is to appear on the first page of the search engine and the higher up, the better. Please, do not fall into the error of thinking that if you search for your name and go out at the top you are already well positioned.

It is about the website or parts of it appearing in the results when users look for information related to your business. That’s where the “key words” come into play.

The search terms are called keywords.

Keep in mind that users perform increasingly complex searches, with longer phrases and even questions to which we seek a quick response. This is where we want the website of the company or business that we manage to appear.

The keywords of your company or business

As you have already deduced, you can not understand SEO without words, specifically, keywords.

The goal of SEO is to appear in the best positions in organic search results for one or more specific words.

These words must have been previously selected in accordance with the business objectives of the website. It is not about attracting irrelevant traffic, but rather the traffic of users really interested in what we have to offer. For this we must work relevant words for our website and our business.

The number of keywords to position is limited and will depend on the number of urls that form web. Therefore, the initial selection of keywords is very important.

I want to point out that when we talk about keywords in online marketing, we are not referring to single words.

It would be quite difficult to position the keyword “lamp” in a short time for a new lamp business.

However, you can work groups of words relevant to the business. I’m talking about what in this world we know as “long tail”

Positioning strategy Long Tail

The strategy of long tail positioning gives priority to the positioning of long keywords, with few searches and little competition, in front of generic words, with great volume and competence (head tail). Returning to the case of lamps.

– “Lamps” would be a very generic keyword and difficult to position for our business.

– “Table lamps” is also a very general keyword although something more specific.

– “Table lamps for living room” is already a more specific keyword (mid tail).

– “Table lamps for small living room and dining room” is a word “long tail”.

Recall that the searches we do users are increasingly natural and complex so use the “long tail” is not only essential to start with the SEO of a website, but also highly recommended from this point of view.

In future articles I will go deeper into the SEO of web pages, to see what factors determine their natural positioning from the point of view on and off page.

But if you want to know how to write the texts for the web thinking not only to position the relevant keywords for it, but also in that these are visible and relevant to search engines, click on the link.

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