Web design trends you should know

Web design trends you should know

Are you interested in web design? Know the graphic and usability trends most used in 2018 by the big brands

The web designer creates and develops a site to be visually appealing to users, as well as easy to use. It is linked not only with the navigability of the site but also with the graphic elements that drive the user to perform a conversion, be it a purchase or another specific action. If you want to study or you are already preparing in the area, we tell you what are the web design trends in 2018 that you should include in your next creation.


A current that came to the web to be installed for its effectiveness in the transmission of messages, its organization and its neatness. Clean sites favor the performance because the loading speed is greater because the elements used are few and simple. The uncluttered design governs this year’s trend, materialized through colored blocks or online boxes along with photographs or videos.


The background on the form is highlighted, a tendency that prioritizes minimalism over realism. The denomination for this fashion is “invisible design” allowing the content to stand out on an animated background or even pieces of videos in mini clips. It is essential to be measured when using this technique, because the excessive use of movement distracts on the objective of the site or application.

-Images “Hero”

These are images spread across the entire screen, a resource that is found in millions of current pages and that convey a sense of freshness, order and cleanliness in the message. They capture the user’s attention because their size never goes unnoticed, generating intrigue about the product or service offered behind such presentation. In addition, users recognize the most modern styles because they are more intuitive: those more striking and easy to use, it is surely the latest in web design.

-Big typography

Clarity is the premise in the web design of 2018 and its success ensures permanence for the sites of the future. Large letters that convey the main idea in a few words (even one or two) make the information transparent because from the start the user knows what he will find there. A typography description is usually smaller than the central message but larger than the rest of the text on the page.


The most innovative designs appeal to the degradation in vivid colors and geometric figures that shine with movement. Shadows and color overlays are also used so that the same image combines two tones, which is called doutono. The maps are made to measure to complete the personalization of the site.


Web designers will need to learn to draw if they have not already done so or include this type of training in the event they start a course. The illustrations add personality and are a hallmark against the standardization of icons or images that are offered in predetermined templates for free and easily downloadable for all audiences, even if they do not have knowledge in the area. The personalization resource adds visual identity to the brand and highlights your work, singling it out.

– Micro interaction

They provide dynamism to the site through loaders (load interaction to entertain the user while waiting) and animated icons. They are ways to inform while you grab attention and encourage action, like likes on Facebook, retuwits or followers on Instagram. It is a mechanism increasingly used in websites because they are based on the micro interaction of users with the apps of mobile devices.

– Registration forms

The implementation of registration forms is not a novelty, but the incorporation of registration by social networks. Provides user information to the company without risking the fluency of navigation and preventing the person from closing the site so as not to waste time completing their data in forms. Accessing a social network is a must that all sites should allow, as well as forms by steps that accelerate the process clearly indicating how to proceed.

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